Saturday, March 16, 2013


 There are 135 different ethnic groups in Myanmar. The predominant group are from the Shan tribal origins.

The Paoh (also spelled Pa-o) ethnic group was the most identifiable one we saw - noteworthy for the colorful towels in orange and red that they wear on their heads.

Many of the areas we went to were populated by the Paoh people, and where our guide, Aung was from.

This woman is from the Padaung ethnic group.

This is a dying custom of rings being increasingly added until a woman marries. The numbers of younger women interested in this custom has decreased by more international exposure. The U.N. has compared the treatment of these women to animals in a zoo, in that they are strategically placed in shops to be photographed by tourists. It might, however, be the only income for their families.

We did met a teenager with rings. We also were able to pick up rings and found them quite heavy. They don't actually elongate the neck, but push the clavical and shoulders down.

An unidentified ethnic group

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